AMG C63 Flap control RX1 MERCEDES (ME2-C205) with vehicle-specific cable set for C63 and C43 Pre facelift


Allow complete and independent control of your stock exhaust flaps on the Facelift  AMG C63/C63s

Allows valves to completely open for maximum sound output

This suits the following AMG Models:

  • C63 AMG W205  (Pre facelift)
  •  C63 AMG S W205 (PreFacelift)
  •  C43 AMG W205 (Pre Facelift)
  • Advantages compared to competing products
    • Control independent of Drive Select
      • You decide on the vehicle sound and not on the selected driving profile
    • Proper pass through mode (module deactivated) also beyond the vehicle start
      • Important for visits to the workshop, service or EPA.
    • Freely programmable start mode
      • You decide for yourself on the sound when starting the vehicle
    • No intervention in the CAN bus
      • No danger to other control units
      • No influence of software updates on the function of our controller
    • Plug and play with original plugs
      • No damage to the original cables, no use of power thieves
      • The assembly is plug and play in the boot. The device has vehicle-specific connectors, which are plugged into the existing plug-in connection in the trunk between
      • Installation possible within 5 minutes
      • No cables need to be routed from the inside to the outsideAssembly
      • Other features
      • Can be retrofitted at any time without any traces
      • No interference with the standard CAN bus
      • No error message in error memory

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions10 × 15 × 20 cm