SHW Ventilated Front Brake Discs Pair- E63S W213, C63 W205, GLC63 W205


Mercedes W213 E63s
Mercedes W205 C63
Mercedes W205 GLC63

Upgrade your vehicle’s braking system with our Premium Performance SHW Ventilated Disc Brake Rotors. Engineered for exceptional stopping power, reduced brake fade, and extended durability, this kit is the perfect choice for drivers who demand top-notch braking performance.

Front brake discs: SKU 2314211812 SHW

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Key Features:

Quality is a key ingredient from which to guarantee long term repeated reliability. SHW products are built to carry the high expectations required by exacting OEM standards and exceed them where possible.

Raw materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, high finishing standards, strict quality control procedures and rigorous testing are just some of the important foundations required to produce world leading brake rotors.

A further key element (and a notable advantage which SHW carry over the competition) is the advantage to encompass every step of production under one roof. With our own R&D facility to metal foundry and automated machining centres, SHW is truly responsible for every step of production from concept through to install. 

Manufactured to perform under a wide range of conditions, from extreme heat cycles to withstanding corrosion in the harshest of environments, an SHW rotor performs well under all pressures. 

Additional information

Weight19 kg
Dimensions50 × 48 × 16 cm