ASR Component RX2 Plus -Valve flap controller with dual function switching- See below for compatible cars


This is the ultimate valve motor control as it has dual functions. It uses the existing Auto Stop start switch for valve control and Auto Stop Start with memory

Adding memory to Stop/Start function

Normally to disable Auto Stop start it must be done in coding by changing the threshold voltage.  While this works really well the disadvantages are

  1. If stop start is ever required the ECU needs to be recoded
  2. There is often a Stop/Start activation Disabled indicator displayed on the dashboard info center.

The RX2 addresses both these issues and is wired directly to the Stop/Start Activation switch so that when selected,  stop start activation function is normal EXCEPT it remains in memory, so the next time you start the car or change from Dynamic mode to another mode the last selected stop/start function is retained in memory!  Whilst some may find Stop Start Activation useful in some circumstances The RX2 adds memory to the function so if it is disabled by selection it remains disabled until reselected.

By pressing and holding the Stop/Start switch for around 3 seconds the second mode of valve motor control is active. (LED flashes 3 times)  The switch then controls as follows:

Valve Flap Control 

  1. Valves open 
  2. Valves closed
  3. Pass through (OE system control)

A further function of making the system totally transparent is available by holding down the switch for more than 10 seconds.  This might be used if the car is being inspected  and you do not want the RX2 Plus revealed and remaps the switch back to normal function until you are ready to put it back in action by holding down the switch again for a further 10 seconts

A huge advantage of the RX2 and RX2 plus controllers is the fitment.  No cutting of wires or permanent changes to the car, the controller is installed behind the passenger footwell panel in a simple installation completely plug and play. Only you and your installer know it’s fitted. Fitting is simple and can be completed by many savvy car owners.

Suits the following vehicles

  • Audi S3
  • Audi S3 8V facelift
  • Audi RS3 8V
  • Audi RS3 8V facelift
  • Audi TT 8S 2.0 TFSI
  • Audi TTS 8S
  • Audi TTRS 8S
  • Audi S Q2
  • Golf 7 R
  • Golf 7 R facelift

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions10 × 15 × 20 cm