Flap control CB2 for controlling the exhaust flaps via Drive Select and the ESP button

Additional functions:

  • SSA memory
  • Transmission S detection

Flap control CB2 for controlling the exhaust flaps via the Drive Select with additional SSA memory function


Compatible Models:


  • Audi RS3 8Y


With this control unit, you have the option of controlling your exhaust flaps via the Drive Select and the ESP button.

Functions at a glance:

  • Drive Select:

Dynamic / RS Performance / RS Torque Rear: Flaps open permanently
Auto/Comfort: Open from 3500rpm / 80% accelerator pedal (just before kickdown)
Efficiency: Open from 4500 rpm / 80% accelerator pedal (just before kickdown)

  • Easy Switch (double click ESP or reset button):

With a double-click on the ESP or reset button (pull the cruise control lever towards you twice) , the flaps can be opened and closed independently of Drive Select . The automatic opening at 4500rpm is always retained.

  • Series mode / workshop mode:

The module is activated or deactivated via a key combination. When the module is deactivated, everything behaves as if no module were installed.

  • Transmission S detection:

As soon as you set the transmission to S , both flaps open. (Function only available with original transmission coding)

  • SSA memory:

The setting of the automatic start-stop system is saved and restored after the vehicle starts.

  • Assembly

Installation is plug and play in the footwell behind the A-pillar panel (instructions are part of the delivery).

  • More properties

Can be retrofitted at any time without any traces
No error message
This device has been specially developed for use with electric flap systems and thus offers safe and permanent operation.

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Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions10 × 15 × 20 cm