Decommissioning Plugs – VW


In the Audi 2.5 Litre RS3/TTRS  or AMG GLC 63 two of these are installed ($77 each) while the valves are in the “Open” state.  The plugs make the ECU think the valve motors are still connected and act like a dummy motor.  This avoids error codes being generated and stored in memory.  The sole function of these plugs is to prevent the valve motors from changing to a closed state while the ECU sees function as normal. There are also some terminating caps provided to seal the valve servo motor sockets preventing corrosion or weather damage when the wire harness is disconnected.  There are 2 variants of these, 3 pin and 4 pin depending on your model.  Please check first before ordering

These are an ideal lower cost solution where no control over the valves is required and they remain constantly open.  It is not recommended for cars with exhaust modifications such as a downpipe where there is a higher output volume and valve control is desirable

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions10 × 15 × 20 cm