ATE Ceramic Brakes Front Pads- Mercedes GLC43 FL W253, GLC43 PFL W253


Mercedes GLC43 Pre Facelift
Mercedes GLC43 Facelift

*Includes sensors

**Ceramic pads are not recommended for predominantly city driving.

Upgrade your vehicle’s braking system with our Premium Performance ATE Ceramic Brake Pads. Engineered for exceptional stopping power, reduced brake fade, and extended durability, this kit is the perfect choice for drivers who demand top-notch braking performance.

Front ceramic brake pads: SKU 000 420 84 03/C

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Key Features:

Ceramic Brake Pads:

    • Exceptional Stopping Power: Our ceramic brake pads deliver powerful and consistent stopping performance across a wide range of driving conditions.
    • Low Dust Formula: Enjoy cleaner wheels with our low-dust ceramic brake pads, keeping your vehicle’s appearance pristine.
    • Noise Reduction: The ceramic material minimizes brake noise, providing a quieter and more comfortable driving experience.
    • Extended Pad Life: Ceramic brake pads are known for their durability, offering an extended lifespan compared to traditional brake pad materials.


  1. Improved Safety: Enhance your vehicle’s safety with superior braking performance, reducing stopping distances and enhancing overall control.
  2. Longer Lasting: The ATE Coated Brake Discs and Ceramic Brake Pads are engineered for longevity, providing a cost-effective solution with less frequent replacements.
  3. Reduced Maintenance: Experience lower maintenance requirements with the corrosion-resistant coating and extended pad life, contributing to a hassle-free ownership experience.
  4. Enhanced Driving Comfort: Enjoy a quieter and smoother ride with the noise reduction properties of ceramic brake pads.

Drive with confidence, knowing your vehicle is equipped with top-quality components for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.


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