A45 (S) AMG (W176)


With this control unit you have the possibility to switch your exhaust flaps manually. It is controlled using a hand-held transmitter. This gives you full control over your vehicle sound!

Advantages compared to competing products

  • Control independent of Drive Select
    • You decide on the vehicle sound and not the inserted driving profile
  • Correct series mode (module deactivated) even after vehicle start
    • Important for visits to the workshop, service or TÜV.
  • Freely programmable start mode
    • You decide yourself about the sound when the vehicle starts
  • No intervention in the CAN bus
    • No danger to other control units
    • No influence of software updates on the function of our control
  • Plug and play with original plugs
    • No damage to the original cables, no use by electricity thieves


Control for Mercedes vehicles with an electric exhaust flap (type ME1)
  • A45 AMG
  • CLA 45 AMG (117)
  • GLA 45 AMG

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions10 × 15 × 20 cm