MSS Dual Stacked, Triple Rated Spring Technology

MSS award-winning adjustable modular suspension solutions were developed and engineered for safety, comfort, and performance. They come with a lifetime warranty.

MSS creates game-changing suspension solutions for the driver who demands the ultimate control of their driving experience.

The low-rated springs in the stacked arrangement, rated from as little as 45 kgs per inch, acts as the ‘tweeters’ and handles smaller road surface bumps to ensure a smoother ride when travelling at lower speeds of below 60 km/h on rough roads.

The middle-rated springs in the stacked arrangement, rated from as little as 135 kgs per inch, acts as the ‘mid-woofers’ and are designed to handle a wide range of small to large road surface bumps to stabilise the vehicle. These, like the mid-woofers, are the most versatile springs in the stacked arrangement and function across a wide range of driving speeds up to 11o km/h or scenarios such as turning, braking or accelerating when the vehicle may roll, squat or dive on wet or dry roads.

The heavy-duty rated springs, rated over 1150 kgs per inch, can be thought of as the subwoofers. They perform a supporting role to stabilise the vehicle at higher speeds (over 110 km/h) to reduce roll, squat or dive.

MSS utilises two active springs with three separate spring rates: the single rated orange spring and the dual rated black spring. This combination delivers a huge range of capability in operation – a smooth and almost linear transition.

Checking availability for your car

All MSS adjustable spring sets are the same price. There are numerous models, if you wish to check if MSS make a spring set for your AMG, Audi, BMW or VW please contact us  to get information and availability for your car.  There are 3 main categories Urban, Sports and Track. All will give improved comfort, handling and performance as well as adjustable height for that perfect stance.

Frequently the MSS system is chosen for increased comfort only with some electing to keep the stock ride height which is possible